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  Key Products and Technology


structure time shift

homogenous complexes of Lanthanides & heavy metals



 magnetic target liposomes

for radiation therapy, drug targeting, imaging and diagnosis (PXT, NCT, MDT, MRI, PET)



poly-Ferrofluids (30-300 nm)

with large magnetic moment for medical applications (MDT, PXT, NCT, MRI)



upright magnetic balance

 device for characterization of magnetic nanoparticles



   FerroMed is a company for production and sales of biomedical products and nanotechnology, under foundation. This covers also the metal products of our Feromed biometalics division. Sales is currently organized by Nanovel Ltd. & Co KG. Orders may be done by email to sales@nanovel.de or sales@ferromed.de , according to our terms of business and catalogue. For questions send an email to info@ferromed.de please.

  Proof samples of our products for testing may be obtained, now, as available. Please inquire by email to samples@ferromed.de .

Available proof samples (1 ml) of Nanovist products for PXT, NCT, PET, MDT, MRI :

- Nanovist Poly-Ferrofluids, citrate shelled : PFC (0.1 M Na3Citrate, pH7.5-8); non-sterile:
PFC's are characterized by chemical analysis, UMB, electron microscopy, DLS, SAXS
Nanovist PFC-N30N (30-50 nm, process PE100) : small bound FF-clusters
Nanovist PFC-N50N (50-80 nm, process PE30) : medium bound FF-clusters
Nanovist PFC-N100N (80-150 nm, process PE10) : large bound FF-clusters
Nanovist PFC-N200N (150-500 nm, process PE0) : very large bound FF-clusters
Nanovist PFC-N20N (15-20 nm, core particles+ dimers, process PE200): bound FF-cores
Favorate choice: PFC-N50 for MDT; PFC-N20 for liposome entrapping in ML, MTL

- Nanovist Poly-Ferrofluid test kit PFC-K5, citrate shelled (0.1 M, pH7.5 - 8); non-sterile:
Nanovist samples PFC-N30N, N50N, N100N, N200N; PFC-N20N

- Nanovist core-Ferrofluid, citrate shelled : FFC (in 0.1 M Na3Citrate, pH7.5); non-sterile:
Nanovist FFC-N20N (15-20 nm, core particles, process PE200 + chromatography)

- Nanovist metal chelates obtained by our STS process : MC,  i.e. Lanthanide-DTPA and -Citrates,
e.g. Gd-DTPA-STS, Gd-Citrate-STS, Er-DTPA-STS, Hf-DTPA-STS, Hf-Citrate-STS

- Nanovist magnetic target liposomes MTL with entrapped Boronates, Lithium-solutions (for NCT);
Gadolinium-, Fe-, Dysprosium-, Holmium-, Ytterbium-, Lutetium-, Hafnium-DTPA-STS
from several phospholipids, e.g. SbPC (Soy bean), DMPC, DOPC, SBL
0.05 - 0.5 M entrapped target = some
106 target atoms / liposome (200 nm liposomes)

Note: Proof samples and material of cooperations are provided without guarantee.



DPhG 2007

10.-13.10.2005 Erlangen

Target Nanoparticles for
cancer therapy

presentation using nanoproducts from Nanovel and FerroMed


 SNI 2006

10.2006 Hamburg

Target Nanoparticles for
cancer therapy

3 presentations using products from Nanovel and FerroMed


6th Ferrofluid workshop

20.-22. 7.2005 Saarbruecken

Magnetic target liposome (MTL)

presentation of concept and results of  three ML-types for cancer therapy and diagnosis

 (handout as PDF-file)

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